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2021 saw an increase in the number of children attending forestry schools. A prolonged period of lockdown and reliance on digital devices has prompted a shift away from indoor, tech-driven, desktop-centric learning. As the popularity of outdoor learning gains ground, we see a collective desire to learn from nature and prioritize experiential education.

Mainstream schools offer this kind of outdoor learning in a minimal and innovative way in the form of a day trip or a class trip. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Forestry schools alone offer this type of education. Tutors International offers a full-time personalized tutor to be the perfect customizable teaching solution. The company is able to offer an approach that integrates outdoor learning experiences as much as it suits the family, the child and their environment.

If a client wishes to make immersive outdoor experiences the primary learning style, Tutors International will seek out a tutor who can deliver it in a way that prioritizes both academic excellence and the student’s personal growth. Likewise, if a family – or families – wished to found a small-scale forestry school as a collective, Tutors International has the experience of finding tutors to run specialized micro-schools.

Outdoor learning and immersive tutoring

Immersive tutoring with Tutors International goes beyond how people might imagine learning outdoors. Tutors International believes that being involved in the environment is an important practice to encourage in any student. Learning to present this new information in imaginative and exciting ways is the hallmark of the best tutors in the world. An international tutor of Tutors – who is based in the Caribbean – used immersive outdoor learning in a biology class by organizing an exotic “insect exhibition” with their student. As part of a KS1 course on mini beasts, the Tutor helped the child to carry out an insect hunt. After the insects were collected from various surroundings in the area, the child made an exhibit to present them. The child presented the exhibition to his family, before releasing all the mini-beasts – unharmed – in their natural habitats.

This commitment to extraordinary and immersive outdoor learning is also prevalent in Tutors International’s mentoring program.

Tutors International and its specialist division, Sea Tutors, sponsored an 18-year-old Dutch student Tobias Zijlstra participate in the School at Sea (SAS) program between October 2019 and april 2020. The SAS program offers students the opportunity to continue their studies aboard a sailboat. The idea was that this immersive learning experience could provide Tobias with valuable navigation and travel experience alongside his university studies. School at Sea is a talent development and leadership program that reflects Sea Tutors’ values ​​of making the world a classroom and providing an academic structure for life at sea.

Therapeutic tutoring and SEN

One of the main benefits of schooling in the forest is the reduction in screen time and the resulting positive effects on children’s mental and physical health. When tutors offer outdoor learning experiences, they approach education in a holistic way that has the child’s character, needs and preferences as a priority alongside their academic performance.

The impact of the pandemic will likely lead to an increase in the demand for therapeutic mentoring. Anxiety and self-esteem issues are significant barriers to learning, and therapeutic tutoring solutions are one way to address them. Likewise, the four walls of a formal classroom are not always conducive to creating a suitable learning environment for children with ADD or ADHD. An immersive outdoor learning experience may be more suitable for students with these attributes (Medical News Today, 2021) and also for students with a range of other special educational needs.

Alternative home education

Home schooling with a perfectly matched guardian means that it is possible to tailor a child’s education to the exact needs of the family. Tutors International specializes in full-time personalized in-home tutoring for children from UHNW families. They do not recruit tutors from a stock pool; instead, they conduct a comprehensive recruitment process for the perfect tutor on behalf of each of their clients. This involves gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s lifestyle and goals, as well as the child’s strengths, challenges, hobbies, and learning style. Once this is understood, a job specification that reflects these individual requirements is written and published. A rigorous application process is carried out and the account manager queries a shortlist. The two best candidates are presented to the Client who then makes the final decision. This recruitment process ensures that the guardian placed with each family is the best fit possible.

This method of recruiting tutors allows for fully personalized training. The tutor can adapt the program to incorporate outdoor learning. Immersive lessons mean that educational experiences can be cultivated according to the strengths and learning style of each student. This facilitates both strength-based learning and interdisciplinary schooling. These are approaches that encourage a healthy learning culture that promotes personal growth and optimizes modern employability.

Forestry schools – All over

Tutors International has a global customer base. This means that they have placed guardians in a wide range of different countries and contexts. A full-time private tutor is able to integrate his environment into the program. Outdoor learning and focusing on natural ecologies is not limited to wooded areas. For example, this style of learning can be facilitated on beaches, in the mountains or in city parks, to name a few alternative places, outside of classrooms.

Personalized education with Tutors International

If you are a UHNWI looking for an immersive tutoring solution, integrating outdoor learning into your child’s education, or advice on the logistics of setting up a supervised forest micro-school. by a tutor, contact Tutors International:

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