Delhi heat wave: Schools cut outdoor activities | Latest Delhi News


Amid the prevailing heat wave, schools in the capital have restricted outdoor activities and relaxed the dress code in line with Union Education Ministry guidelines released on Wednesday.

Ministry guidelines for schools to deal with the impact of the heatwave suggested, among other precautions, a reduction in school hours, a reduction in outdoor activities and flexibility in the dress code.

“School hours can start early and end before noon. The timing can be from 7:00 a.m. The number of school hours per day may be reduced. Sports and other outdoor activities that expose students to direct sunlight can be adjusted appropriately early in the morning,” the guidelines state.

Jyoti Arora, principal of Mount Abu Public School in Rohini, said that although the school has reduced sports activities, it will explore the possibility of reducing school hours in accordance with the Centre’s guidelines. “We are suspending classes on Friday because of the English board exam. When we reopen next week, we will end classes at noon or bring the summer holidays forward a few days after finalizing our plan,” said Arora.

She said the school does not strictly enforce uniforms and children can wear comfortable, summer-appropriate clothes. According to the guidelines issued by the ministry, students may wear loose, light-colored cotton outfits and canvas shoes, instead of leather ones.

Tania Joshi, principal of the Indian school, said the school does not hold assemblies and children can wear uniforms as long as they are comfortable. The school also moved all sports and other outdoor activities to auditoriums. “All sporting activities take place inside the auditorium. Children can also choose not to participate in these activities if they are not comfortable,” Joshi said.

While some schools in the capital will suspend classes for the summer holidays, parent groups in the city have said a majority of schools are continuing with classes until the end of May while some only start the holidays only in June.

Asma Saeed, an East Delhi resident whose daughter is studying at a private school in the capital, said while it is difficult to send children to school in the heat, their summer vacations will start early. here the end of the week. “The heat is unsettling, especially for young children. The school has not yet initiated any changes. However, summer vacation is starting soon, so we will take a break now,” Saeed said.

Aprajita Gautam, chairwoman of the Delhi Parents Association, said more and more parents are now worried about classes continuing during the heat wave. Gautam said that although the Center has issued guidelines asking people not to go out during the afternoon rush hours this month, summer holidays at several schools do not start until June. “The heat is unbearable. Schools should either bring forward the summer holidays or introduce lessons in hybrid mode,” Gautam said.


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