Month: June 2019

Risk assessment in credit and factoring transactions

    Due to the phenomenon of payment gridlocks, the popularity of other tools is increasing – occurring in various forms of credit and factoring available in many varieties. The difference between them is that a third entity – Bank or Faktor – is introduced to business transactions on the line: seller – buyer. Its […]

June 13, 2019

Credit Redeem: 3 things to know about loan consolidation

  For a household that has several credits in repayment, opt for a credit redemption can be a real breath. It allows the grouping of all or part of its credits in order to reduce the amount of repayments to be made each month. Also known as a credit pool, this option is also used […]

June 9, 2019

Credit redemption: how to prepare for retirement?

Lower your debt ratio, reduce your monthly payments, prepare a new project… The credit buyback can meet several needs. Among these, there is one of which we speak less: the preparation of the transition to retirement. Why group your credits? First, what is the redemption of credit? This transaction, also called debt restructuring, loan consolidation […]

June 3, 2019

Compare and apply for a loan immediately 500 – 60,000 €

In the case of financing a smaller acquisition, or if the borrower is unwilling or unable to provide collateral for the loan amount sought, banks and finance companies will also offer unsecured loans. More commentary at Unsecured loan usually does not require going to a bank Applying for an unsecured loan usually does not […]

June 1, 2019